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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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AXA Contracting

170 unit# Palacebeach Trail ON, L8E 0C3
905-xxx-xxxx (Cliquer pour afficher)

We are a professional contracting company offering our services in the Hamilton area and surroundings . AXA Contracting is fully insured, WSIB and HST complied, so you have nothing to worry about. We  have worked with a few high end painting companies as well as renovation companies and we are offering the same quality you will expect from the big companies With competitive prices. If you are a home owner, realtor or contractor looking to sell your home or buy a new house or you simply just want to give your house a make over please give us a call for a free estimate. We take pride in our work you will not be disappointed.

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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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