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Contemporary bath kitchen and design center

1235J 40th Ave N.E AB, T2E 6M9
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Design | Inspire | Create 

With so many Selections and Choices renovating your home may seem at times Daunting. As we all know however, renovations are simply part of owning a home, at one point or another we all need to embark on them. At Contemporary Bath we’re here to make that an easy, fun and enjoyable experience for you, here’s why.

Award Winning Design Team

What is your personal style? After all, your Renovations should be a reflection of your own unique style.. That’s where our award winning design team come in. Regardless of your personal taste; perhaps it’s a warm stately traditional design or maybe you’re a minimalist who gets excited over sleek cool lines…. Our professional designers pride themselves on being able to help you fall in love with your own personal taste, so that you can express yourself in whatever way you desire.


Positive Communication

We’ve had the privilege of being in business for over 30 years now, that doesn’t happen by mistake. I’d be lying (and so would anyone else) if I said that it was all smooth sailing. If there is one thing that we can point to for our continued success in the renovation industry in Calgary it would be positive Communication … we consider positive communication not only and essential life skill but one that is absolutely vital to a successful project. That’s why our customers love us and keep coming back time and again.


Dedicated Installers

Our install team is personally vetted by all members of our team. The quality our clients come to expect from us is directly related to the individuals that are in your home installing the products. We applaud them as they continue to exceed not only our expectations but yours as well. You have the unique opportunity to work with the top individuals in this industry. From day one you are assigned your own personal installation team. They pride themselves on being neat, tidy and respectful of your environment. The best part is, you have their undivided attention, that’s right once your installer starts your project they do not leave to start another until your project is finished.


Customer Satisfaction

Many times Renovating can feel like a daunting task. Our aim is to take that stress off of you, and make both a beautiful and functional space for you to enjoy for many years. We have always been and always will be very customer motivated. We as a company (our designers, installers, and sales people … everyone in our organization) make sure, that your experience as one of our clients, one of our friends, will be like nothing anyone else can provide for you, a truly memorable experience and that’s why you keep coming back to see us!

  • Agrandissement de maison
  • Auvent
  • Calfeutrage
  • Céramique
  • Charpente
  • Construction
  • Décorateur
  • Démolition
  • Designer intérieur
  • Ébéniste
  • Ébéniste, sans installation
  • Électricien
  • Escalier - Rampe
  • Excavation
  • Foyer et Poêle
  • Gypse, Murs et/ou Plafonds
  • Insonorisation
  • Isolation
  • Peinture
  • Pierres naturelles
  • Plancher
  • Plancher chauffant
  • Plombier
  • Rénovations
  • Tapis
  • Tireur de joint


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