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Eden Fine Homes Inc.

4-610 Bowes Road ON, L4K 4A3
416-xxx-xxxx (Cliquez pour afficher)

With years of experience in the business, we created Eden Fine Homes because we want to do things right, and to do things properly. We want a satisfied homeowner with a solid product and we rely on proven, trained and experienced trades that deliver. 

We specialize in renovations and new construction from excavation to finished product. We are flexible in term of scope of work, especially at finishing stage. We do like to build foundation and framing ourselves so we are certain things are built right, solid and stand the test of time. We have extensive experience in retrofitting older homes, from underpinning to additions as well as integration of new framing into old structure.  

We typically don't include material on our quote and we are happy to have the homeowner order it or we can order for the homeowner and provide invoice. This is because we rely on extreme transparency in our projects and we strongly believe that our added value is in the quality of the work, not how much we can earn on material. This also allows homeowners to be in the driver seat in terms of quality and type of finishing they prefer. We of course provide suggested options and are always happy to explain pros and cons of each as the project evolves. 



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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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