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J Cubed Custom Inc

23-2225 Oakmoor Dr SW AB, T2V 4N6
(403) 836-0007

J Cubed Custom is a full service roof and frame company. We are able to offer any waterproofing system a project requires being both flat or sloped. Along with our expertise we as well offer our clients a wood frame division. We can handle any build a project our clients carry across our desk.

  • Charpente
  • Gouttières
  • Revêtement extérieur
  • Soffites/Fascias
  • Terrasse
  • Toiture


2017-12-18 Calgary - SW


«he was very polite,called several times just wanting to know,if there was anything else i needed to know,I believ his customer service is excellent and i think i will offer him the project.»

Thank You Helen it was a pleasure working with you

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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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