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Ledgerock Custom Homes

51 East Liberty Street ON, M6K 3P8
647-xxx-xxxx (Cliquer pour afficher)

Ledgerock Custom Homes was established in Oakville and specializes in high-end new construction and remodeling work. From conceptual design, to preoccupancy cleaning, Ledgerock Custom Homes is a full-service professional company committed to building the homes of your dreams. We have earned a reputation as a premier contracting company with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, and trustworthy relationships.

The team at Ledgerock Custom Homes understands the intrinsic connection a family has to their home. We take our role in shaping the beauty, fluidity, and functionality of each home as seriously as we would our own. Our past customers truly appreciated our passion and drive for excellence, leading to their complete satisfaction.

Building a home is a significant financial and emotional investment. We are extremely committed to making the process as rewarding and seamless as possible. We take pride in our fully disclosed and transparent billing process, this allows our clients to rest assured knowing you’re getting what you paid for.


2019-06-07 Mississauga


«Genuine and trustworthy - Markus was willing and able to meet my specific requirements. The team is friendly and careful and do an amazing job. Very pleased with the results. Will be contracting them again.»

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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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