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2021-03-06 Kitchener


«Hired them to frame our basement. We didn’t know a lot about framing so we just told them the basics of what we wanted and hoped they would be able to guide us a little in the process. We received a quote we thought was very reasonable and hired them to frame the basement so we can finish our basement. When we went down to see the final project, 2 doorways were not framed in, 2 support posts were not framed in and there were awkward bulkheads in many places. When we asked them about the missing frame work they said they didn’t have those items in the quote and would have to charge us more. I don’t know who would finish their basement with ugly support beams in the middle of the room and 2 doorways to storage crawl spaces completely open. We had to frame in the posts ourselves and rip down the bulkheads, that weren’t even level, and put up our own bulk heads. Would not recommend unless you plan on watching them the whole time and know to ask the appropriate questions.»

1 post was not finished framed in because central vac system with power wires ran down it and he wanted to move the central vac to another area of the basement we built the frame to be put in by the home owner after he moved the system if we had installed the post framework they would have had to remove it to get in to cut the pipework to move it to the desired location. The doorway that was not framed in fully was too low for a full header due to the low ductwork. It had a partial header, with a prehung doorframe it would work. All bulkheads were level and plumb when we installed them. The crawl space had figured a couple small doors would have filled the space. He did call us back and we did build framework around posts and built 2 walls to allow for a full size door to enter into the crawl space under the stairs. Client never complained of workmanship but did request a breakdown on charges and received a discount on entire project. Have not heard from him since. We do say if there are any problems down the road we will come back and fix at no charge. Did not receive any such call.

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