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2019-07-10 Penbrooke Meadows / Marlborough


«we are not happy at all with the contractor Ameer he's done a pathetic job ... we're renovating are 2 standard bathrooms and he started in month of may and hasn't completed the work yet he's not even a professional n my kids are fedup in the basement... as u know summer vacations are on and kids play game room is upstairs which thy're unable to go upstairs there's so much of mess ...he did not even bothered to hire a dumpster to throw all the garbage...all the garbage was lying outside the front porch of my house...and what he did he dumped the leftover cement on the main street in front of the house which we had to call him and tell him to come and clean it up which he did the next day...and now its been 3 weeks in the basement and he's not finishing up the work i have pics to show u if u will not take an action then u will not leave me an option to post this on facebook ... i want him to finish the work rite away as there's not much work left...he just has to bring in the vanity which he is not from last 2 weeks ..and he did not ask us before bringing in the double sink vanity and its lying down in my living room could u imagine...Please im begging for help ask him to finish the work and leave my house please Thank You »

Hi , we very apologizing for this inconvenience.  But the client has many problems in they're bathroom in very unbelievably condition and we was no except that will be in this ways. Very sticky and disgusting and all floor and walls was in terrible condition. We spending now over the budget and we did many extra things which I respect they're work. I know it's been long time and its though because the material we buy to install for them they're not want it we get cancel the orders and we reorder it again it's not easy to the material which reorder all material and please be fair in your review. Everyone knows if you do special order for your material it's at list 15-45 days its depends on brand name and the supplies customer service. I don't make in my own ways. We really appreciate it if you understood the condition of our situation between us our customers.  Thank you 
Jane Drover
2019-05-02 Altadore / Bankview / Richmond

Gypse, Murs et/ou Plafonds

«RHD Renov Ltd have been doing exceptional work on my old 1912 house. Amir and his team work hard, are courteous and very informative about things that need to be done. Sending pictures is their way of assuring me that they are on top of things as they go. I trust this team and respect their attention to detail. Can’t recommend them highly enough. »

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