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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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RQ Renovations and master tile installers

1769 Britannia Road East ON, L4W 4E2
647-xxx-xxxx (Cliquez pour afficher)

You can rely on RQ Renovations’ several years of experience in general renovations and interior designer as your premier GTA renovation contractor. We pride ourselves on not only delivering quality work at a fair price but with an emphasis on the services side of your construction project. That means we will start and complete your project on time and on the budget which requires a lot of planning and organization. Our office and warehouse act as the hub of our operations to ensure we manage every project fully like a well-oiled machine.With RQ Renovations and master tile installers, you won’t need to worry about the typical hassles of construction. You will find a consistent and standard quality of workmanship because every individual on our team has the same pride in the quality and you’ll never need to worry about subcontractors.We have the capabilities and expertise to handle all your residential renovations including basements finishing, complete kitchens remodeling, complete

  • Aménagement paysager
  • Auvent
  • Céramique
  • Clôture
  • Designer intérieur
  • Escalier - Rampe
  • Patio
  • Peinture
  • Pierres naturelles
  • Plancher
  • Plancher chauffant
  • Rénovations
  • Rénovations - Garage
Wawanesa $5M Liability Insurance : M7112267
City Renovation License : T85-4649066


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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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