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2600 John Street ON, L3R 4H9
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2019-01-03 Scarborough


«He didn’t job .bad way water leak I have pay some buddy fix water leak once he took my money he never answered my call He have pay me »
Mark Jorgenson
2018-12-05 Downtown Toronto

Gypse, Murs et/ou Plafonds

«Context: We needed a contractor to come in and finish the drywall that we partly installed. The wall was roughly 8x8 and we needed someone to tape, putty, install baseboards, and install a sliding door. Azad was an extremely professional, fair, and approachable individual. We didn't have any experience working with contractors in this context before but he was very helpful from the start. First off, he explained his process and what/when he wanted to accomplish each task. He also gave us suggestions on where we could help to speed up the process if we wanted to (not a requirement; we were very willing to help). The outcome was exactly what we wanted and within our budget that was discussed. We were very pleased with his services and would highly recommend to anyone else looking to do something similar. The next time we need to do some renos in our place, I'll know who to call.»
2018-11-22 Brampton


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Montréal — Québec — Gatineau — Sherbrooke — Trois-Rivières

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